Kraft Paper Aluminum Foil Composite bag

Kraft Paper
Aluminum Composite Bag

Product Introduction :

Kraft Paper Aluminum foil Composite Bag is composed of Kraft paper, aluminum and thermoplastic film. These bags are moisture proof and have good light-blocking property. The opening of this bag can be directly heat-sealed instead of sewn, which satisfies the need for easy packaging, high efficiency, and beautiful package appearance. This type of bag is suitable for high value products that require strong protective properties.

※Applicable to food use: Coffee beans, biotech material
※Applicable to industrial use: Engineering plastics, NYLON materials, TPU materials, biodegradable plastic materials

Kraft Paper Aluminum Composite Bag


Length: 52~110 cm
Width: 40~58 cm
Printing : 1~6 colors
Loading Capacity: ≦ 25 kg
Anti-slip Treatment: Static Friction Coefficient > 0.6
Ink: comply with Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) inspection standard
Bag material: comply with “ Sanitation Standard for Food Utensils, Containers and Packages”

Customizing Options

◎Bag Type:Flat type / Gusseted type
◎K-Seal bottom
◎Radius treatment
◎UN Certificate

Product Feature

1. Bag Type:
Gusseted type
2. K-Seal bottom:
When filled, the pack stands up and appears more rectangular and voluminous.
3. Radius treatment:
safe for employees during stacking and transporting the bags.
4. Kraft Paper Options:
Unbleached Kraft Paper (brown color) / Bleached Kraft Paper (white color) are made from northern bleached softwood kraft (NBSK) pulp.
5. Heat seal-ability:
Bag opening can be sealed with heat sealer instead of sewing, which allows for easy packaging, high efficiency, and beautiful exterior appearance.

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