Heavy-Duty PE Bag

Product Introduction :

Heavy-duty PE(Polyethylene) bags have high durability and good thickness uniformity because they were manufactured with high performance polyethylene (PE) material through an advanced multi-layered co-extrusion blown film process.
This product is for clients who want bags with high-quality printed exterior appearance that are leak-proof and have high packaging efficiency. This bag is made of single material and can be directly recycled.

※Applicable to industrial use: Plastic material, chemical raw material, chemical fertilizer, organic compound fertilizer

Heavy-Duty PE Bag


Width: 38~65 cm
Thickness: 0.10~0.25 mm
Length : 50~110 cm
Printing: 1~6 colors
Anti-slip Treatment: Static Friction Coefficient > 0.6
Ink: comply with Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) inspection standard
Bag material: comply with “ Sanitation Standard for Food Utensils, Containers and Packages”
Single material and can be directly recycled.

Customizing Options

◎Bag Type:Flat type/Gusseted type
◎Anti-Slip embossing strip
◎Pinhole degassing
◎UN Certificate

Product Feature

1. Bag Type:
Flat type / Gusseted type
2. Anti-Slip embossing strip:
Increase stability during stacking by two anti-slip embossing strips on both sides of bags. (front & back).
3. Pinhole degassing:
After perforating several rows of pinholes on bags, can make bag degassing and have high efficiency during packaging operation. Suitable for Granular materials or products.
4. UN Certificate:
Comply with International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code inspection standard and apply UN certification for client’s bags.
5. One-way degassing valve:
Patented specialized structure to exhaust air quickly from bags during packaging to increase efficiency.

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