What is ISO 22000 Food safety management system?

What is ISO 22000:2005 ?

ISO 22000 :2005 Food safety management is one set of global management tool and system for food safety which improve for  safety and quality of food chain in the worldwide.

ISO 22000:2005 could be separated in three parts:
■ ISO:International Organization for Standardization
■ 22000:ISO had made different quality standard for different industries for a long time. There is no any special meaning for 22000.
■ 2005:ISO announced this version of regulation in 2005.

This standard is applicable to all of organizations who need to set up food safety system, no matter their scale, types or products in food chain. It is applicable to manufacture, wholesaler and retailer of agriculture, pet food, food. It also be applicable to restaurant and supplier of equipment, packaging, agriculture chemical product and food additives  which is related with food industry.

Who made ISO 22000:2005 food safety management ?

After 2nd world war (1946), There were 25 countries’ representative deliberated one set of quality management and international standard for worldwide use. So next year, International Organization for Standardization, ISO) was founded and located in Geneva, Switzerland.

ISO is not the official international organization. According to the regular, there was only one government organization or not government organization attend for each country. Eg.: American National Standards Institute(ANSI), British Standards Institution(BSI).

Why called ISO, instead of IOS?

International Organization for Standardization had different abbreviation in different countries, eg. ISO in USA, OIN in France.

For using the same name of organization in the worldwide, Founder decided to offer it a simple and global name. ISO since from ISOS in Greek, meanings “the same”.So that, uniform use ISO, no matter in which country or language.

Besides, radical of ISO have isometric and isonomy. This shows that the same and common standard is the core value that International Organization for Standardization pursued. And it also match the initial goal of ISO which setting a international standard and decrease obstacle of technology.

Why should we must have ISO 22000:2005 food safety management?

Before 24 years (1987), organization announced ISO 9001 quality management. Since then,  3rd party inspection management system became the international consensus during global trading.

Before 2005 and ISO 22000 not be announced, food industry controlled quality of safety by two international standard system :

(1.)ISO 9001 quality management system
(2.)Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point,HACCP

However, due to particularity and complexity of food industry, ISO 9001 lack of having effective risk management about food safety, including product designing, raw material purchasing, product manufacturing, packaging, storage, shipping, sales and consumer having. Every process of food chain should be control seriously and systematic analysis to avoid  any damage or pollution in every process.

ISO integrated two international standard,  ISO 9001 and HACCP, and announced ISO 22000 food safety management in Sep. 2005.

Origin of ISO 22000:2005

In fact, there are lots of management tools could be use for business,. ISO 22000:2005 is one of most famous food safety management tool. And the tool of food safety management history as below:

■After 2nd World war(1955), Business in Japan were pursued for 5S quality control, and make their outstanding quality management. And 5S means SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, and SHITSUKE. Due to the first letter is “S” for this five words, collectively called 5S. The main concept is to separating need and no need, through out no need and keep need parts. It’s wonderful management tool for business to improve quality of working environment.

■In 1963, Food and Drug Administration(FDA) announced Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

■In 1973, FDA announced Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System(HACCP) for food industry.

■In 1987, ISO announced  series of ISO 9000 quality assurance standard.

■In 2005, ISO announced ISO 22000:2005 which is according to series of ISO 9000 quality assurance standards to amend the working procedure of food industry and delete the operation specification and noun in manufacturing.


ISO 22000:2005 食品安全管理系統 條文大綱

1. 範圍1.1 總則
1.2 應用
2. 規範性引用標準
3. 術語和定義
4. 食品安全管理系統4.1 一般要求
4.2 文件要求
5. 管理階層職責5.1 管理階層承諾
5.2 食品安全政策
5.3 食品安全管理系統規畫
5.4 職責與權限
5.5 食品安全小組負責人
5.6 溝通
5.7 緊急事件準備與回應
5.8 管理階層審查
6. 資源管理6.1 資源提供
6.2 人力資源
6.3 基礎架構
6.4 工作環境
7. 安全產品的規劃與實現7.1 概述
7.2 前提方案(PRPs)
7.3 實施危害分析之預備步驟
7.4 危害分析(HA)
7.5 建立作業前提方案(OPRPs)
7.6 建立危害分析與重要管制點計畫 (HACCP plan)
7.7 預備性資訊與規定 PRPs 與 HACCP 計畫各項文件之更新
7.8 查證之規劃
7.9 追溯性系統
7.10 不符合之管制
8. 食品安全管理系統的確認、查證及改進8.1 概述
8.2 管制措施組合之確認(validation)
8.3 監督與量測之管制
8.4 食品安全管理系統之查證(verification)
8.5 改進
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