Advantage of BOPP woven bag/sack

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) woven bags are produced by laminating a printed film to woven fabric.

With the strength of polypropylene (PP) woven fabric and the high-quality printing texture characteristics of BOPP films, these bags meet the high-stiffness requirement for the automatic packaging production line.

The bags have high exterior printing quality, and are puncture-resistant, waterproof, dirt-resistant and recyclable.

These eco-friendly bags are made of polypropylene material only and can be directly recycled.
BOPP woven bag increases the added value of the product and can be used to package a wide variety of merchandise.

The bag is applicable for organic compound fertilizer, chemical raw material, animal feed additives, and also available for high-grade rice, pet foods in food industry.

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